The following videos are engaging with the same theme, the theme of fire.

In the past recent years there have been many wildfires which had major consequences of various kinds each, and raised many questions: political, environmental, social and in my case -a journey of all the stages of grieve towards the place that i grew up- which got burnt in the summer of 2018 (Greece). During this time a number of videos have been produced (a selection is shown bellow) focusing every time on a different aspect of this fire (and exploring fire as an element in general), different attitude and aesthetics of footage. In most of them the protagonist is Lilly the Flame, the persona of fire, the translation of this element to a 'human figure'... how does she look, behave etc. The viewer gets to know the context of the story and the place by Lilly's actions and reactions to this site specific location and narrations. Simultaneously i tried finding ways to deliver drama mixed with subtle comedy in order to create a bitter sweet aftertaste.

However my latest video (to be uploaded) will not be consisting of the persona of fire neither will it be theatrical (more information click bellow at: "There is no silence in a place where people live")